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A company that uses hot teenagers, some wearing thongs, to sell t-shirts

<---look over there<--- I bet there is that girl who has that light blue shirt on that says "more cowbell" and a black thong.
Kid A: "Did you see that new 'Busted Tees' girl?"
Kid B: "Yep. I masturbated to her last night."
Kid A: "Oh, I masturbated to you."
Kid B: "Dude you're gross!"
by Ur Mom! February 11, 2006
The greatest band ever with lead singer Steve Perry. Have many great songs such as: Don't Stop Believin', Stone in Love, Separate Ways, Wheel in the Sky, Open Arms, Only the Young, Keep on Runnin'

A band that had a parady of them on Family Guy.
Kid A: "Whose your favorite band?"
Kid B: "Journey...no doubt. They kickass!"
by Ur Mom! January 14, 2006
Lead singer of the greatest band of all-time: Journey. He is an awesome vocalist/songwriter.
Kid A: "Steve Perry is the MAN!"
Kid B: "Hell yeah!"
by Ur Mom! February 21, 2006
the coolest chic that will someday rule the earth and have others bow down to her and jade puget!;)
All people far and wide will bow to janda!
by ur mom! December 16, 2003
The worst band EVER to walk the face of the Earth. They are soooo crappy that they have to come up with an even CRAPPIER name to make themselves seem good. They are worse than N*STINK...and that's saying something.
"Dude! Did you listen to the radio this morning?"
"Yeah, but I had to turn it off because it was flooded with some gay boy-band named Fall Out Boy"
by Ur Mom! January 12, 2006
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