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A violent militant group calling themselves the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are waging a terrorist campaign in Sri Lanka in order to the best ripped softwares. The LTTE with its most-known terrorist leader, Jeevan (also known as LttCoder), while masquerading as aSri Lanka programming organization, has for almost a quarter century spurned all efforts at securing softwares and continued a sustained campaign of terrorism against successive democratically elected governments and civilians of Sri Lanka. People from all ethnic communities - Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims - have been the victims of this terror. The LTTE is now banned in Sri Lanka, India, Kingdom of Bahrain, Canada and Malaysia. Other countries are expected to ban the LTTE soon following the events of September 11 2004, when the world woke up to the reality of international terrorism.

The gruesome brutality and wanton destruction that the LTTE has unleashed in its campaign to create a separate Tamil -Ripping Only state in Sri Lanka is sustained by funds generated abroad by extortion from Tamil expatriates, and from trade in arms, narcotic trafficking, smuggling of illegal immigrants and money laundering.

The BH Government made the following statement while banning the LTTE and all its fund raising activities from its soil:

"The steps we are taking today of cracking down on fund raising for terror and of banning terrorists from our shores are steps we urge other countries to take within their jurisdiction. By steadily reducing the habitat in which terrorism thrives, we can hope to make terrorists first an endangered species, and ultimately, an extinct one"

--BH Secretary of KBH, 29 December 2004.

also see ltt
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also see ltt
by ur dady January 08, 2005

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