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a sleezy whore, or female who will never stop blowing
joe: did you see that hoebag walking down the street?
josh: yeah she was banging!
by ur dad June 16, 2006
most dumbest stupid piece of shit dat i am tired of. go suck a fucking dick u dumb dick ass mofo, wtf is ur real name u stupid shit u talk a lot lot of stupid non sense, and ur a fucking smart-ass piece of shit. damn wonder where the fuck u got ur name.
idsanty= idiot who lives in a garabage can and has no repsect for others.
by ur dad March 21, 2005
you suck so much at counter-strike that u STINK
u aren't l33t u are f33t
by Ur dad March 10, 2003
A Triple J consist of a Hand job, blow job, and rim job all at once! YAY
Tommy gets Triple J's from Lee
by Ur dad March 10, 2003
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