42 definitions by ur mom

A woman's , well, you know
jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights IN
a baron wasteland
by ur mom December 23, 2003
a guy named rudy that is nudy and guy named matt that is fruity and he has a crush on him
you want nudyrudy's noodle in ur hoodle
by ur mom February 22, 2003
another word for a big black, kfc eating nigger
Hey is that nigger, negron from HLF forums
by ur mom February 12, 2005
Tiwa, the french kid at Shorecrest Prep's buddhist dad, is actually synonymous with "shit".
Geez, dude! I just took a big tiwa! Don't go in there.
by ur mom March 18, 2005
A word of a person who is named michelle
Michelle was a gangsta when u did drive by eggin
by UR mom August 24, 2004
a gaint man handling orc, that likes to swing his sword around ur dad
ur mom boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobies
by ur mom July 31, 2004
to run up behind someone and yank there pants down, underoos and all.
Eww, Dave got shanked.
by Ur MOM March 26, 2005
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