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3 definitions by uprightuk

when a menstruating girl straddles a man's face and fanny farts the clots and gunk all over his mush
my lady's filthy she gave me the the crimson facial last night!
by uprightuk September 08, 2010
Act performed by a widow who takes the ashes of her cremated partner, placing them in a phalic shaped urn. She will then use the urn to pleasure herself and then remove the end, pouring the remains of her loved one on/into heself as she climaxes.
"Will you be cremated or burruied?"
"Well hopefully, if the wifes game I'll be ashed..."
"I've never heard of ashing before"
"Look it up on ubandictionay.com"
by uprightuk August 12, 2008
variation of the warm lunch. After laying someone out on the floor and laying cling film over thier mouths. You deficate into the cling film and then fuck thier face until the cling film breaks. The variaton is to then tape thier mouths shut!
he gave her a packed lunch
by uprightuk August 24, 2010