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The current era of time where all people, male and female, are glued to thier computers, (usually by some sort of ejaculate) in a massive addiction to pornographic images.
Guy 1: Did you hear about Maria, she hasen't left her room in days.
Guy 2: She just sits there every day screwing with her Pornhole.
Guy 1: Yep, she's stuck there, I guess she decided to join the Porn-Age.
by upmost777 January 06, 2012
A number that only exists because it was once counted to by Chuck Norris. Scientists needed a word for this astounding event, so they called it infinity, knowing know man woman or child could ever repeat it. Then just to break the laws of the normal, Chuck did it again.
Guy one: Did you hear about that really big number?

Guy two: What you mean 27?

Guy one: No you tard, I meant infinity...
by upmost777 January 12, 2012

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