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The action of navigating your environment by sight using the live view screen of the device via its camera mode. Ideally, cupping hands so one can only view whats on screen and adapting to the super close up digital video view.
Them: "Hey quit cyborging around, your going to trip on something."

Me: "Beat it, I'm getting assimilated into the digital" "I see you, whoa, trip on that."

Me: "I can record my cyborgin' too"
by upisdn September 07, 2010
A generalization of a person, scene of people, or event that is essentially lame, a cliche, overrated, worthless, overused, amateurish, self righteous, arrogant, condescending, for simpletons.

Yeypants might be amidst a demonstration, showing off, telling someone what or how to do something with a gleem of excitement, bragging, wearing fancy jeans, boasting or maybe simply strutting their stuff quietly or loudly, but in such obsolescence that it is just yeypants.
random: "Dude you are so yeypants for posting this definition."

me: "No dude I'm not, its a definition, apparently you don't even know what it means."

random: "That is so yeypants who cares."

me: "Could be, but if you use yeypants to much you become yeypants yourself."
by upisdn September 07, 2010

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