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"For sure my nigga"
Guy 1: Hey dawg wanna go hang in ma crib?
Guy 2: fo shizzel my nizzel
by up May 06, 2005
Shoddy Bullpup rifle
probably the worst weapon ever adopted by the British Army. Unrelieable, poorly balanced, shoddy and impossible to fire from the left shoulder, making the firer vulnerable when firing around the left side of cover.
by up February 24, 2004
A Nazi that posts on the xbox.com boards.
Soy killed the Jews in Germany. Than he spoke in his nazi toungue
by UP October 08, 2003
A wookiee who has shaved his fur and, as such, loses an "e" from his name.
"Shaven wookies rule!"
by UP December 20, 2002
Some nazi that posts in the xbox.com forums.
Soy killed the jews, as he spoke in his nazi tounge
by Up October 08, 2003
A mariujana joint made of leaves found in Dutch regions. Inexpensive and subsequently popular.
"Pass the dutchie!"
by UP December 20, 2002
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