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A talented singer and performer...walking sex
I want to spoon Gerard Way
by untitled March 26, 2005
someone who goes but the name of Roisin and is pretty, outgoing, funny, crazy, doesn't say bye when she leaves parties, has tom delonge look a like after her, likes arron, thinks davey bloody sexy, loves CASSIE and is one groovy far out chick.
"Roisin is the Greatest"
by untitled May 06, 2004
An extremely hot person that you do not know the name of...
person 1: That guy is hot. What is his name?

person 2: I dunno

person 1: He is the nameless wonder.

person 2: Okay, yeah.
by untitled March 12, 2005
one person... Davey Havok
guys are orgasmic like whoa
by untitled March 21, 2005
a fiddling, curious little boy.
Short is a stumpy kiddy muffler
by untitled April 29, 2003
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