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A chain of truck-stops owned by TA (Travel Centers of America). Open 24/7/365, these stops cater to truck drivers offering: showers, 24 hour dining, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, driver lounges, and more. Also treats their employees like shit.
Driver 1: Lets stop at the Petro!
Driver 2: Ok! I can take a shower and jizz all over the towels.
by untiedsox February 11, 2011
Also known as "TA" for short, Travel Centers of America own many truck stops nation wide including Petro. Like Petro, these stops cater to drivers with such amenities as showers, restaurants, movie rooms and truck service bays. Not known for their cleanliness or friendliness, but rather their overly expensive prices and hookers that roam the back truck parking lots.
Driver 1: I just paid $4 for a liter of soda in the store.
Driver 2: Tell me about it, and the cashier was a bitch. I think I'm going to go shit all over the bathroom walls. This is the last time I'm stopping at Travel Centers of America.
by untiedsox February 11, 2011

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