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2 definitions by unstable child

Substitute for any word, meaning like mentally unhinged, or mad or awesome......
Dude..thats unstable!...
or man that songs unstable i luv it!
by unstable child October 30, 2005
pota stands for P.iece O.f T.he A.ction or P.art O.f T.he A.ction either or...sum1 hu's a pota is sumone hu interupts conversations, hangs around ppl and pretends to know wat the're talkin about, follows ppl, tags along, when pp say stuff the're like "yeh me 2!" or "i like that too " when in reality they dont or dont know wat those ppl r talking about...pretty much the're like a poser..yeh
"go away u pota"
"man shes such a pota"
"dont pota in u loser"
by unstable child October 30, 2005