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A pseudonym for John Cooney, a flash developer for Armor Games, who makes many small games such as Achievement Unlocked, This is the Only Level, and Exit Path. These games tend to be very meta and really think outside the box. Jmtb02 is an acronym for John Mountain Bike 2002.
Person 1: Have you played the new jmtb02 game, This is the Only Level 78?

Person 2: No, I'll have to check it out!
by unknownthingamabob January 06, 2012
A smiley showing someone with their mouth hanging open and and eye twitching. Used for when something very bad just happened.
Person 1: Hey, how's our project for school going?

Person 2: Oh, that? I accidentally set it on fire, threw it off a cliff, and repeatedly ran it over with my dad's truck.

Person 1: oe
by unknownthingamabob October 07, 2011
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