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A math teacher whom never has sex with his attractive wife, and thus takes out his pitiful frustrations upon his students in the form of jackassness, stubbornness, and overall unfairness. Graduating from a mediocre college at best, this man replaces techinical terms with those such as "this guy" and "squiggly wiggly" then questions why not many of his students make 5's on the AP exam. He is the lowest in society's food chain and should be publicly curbed.
Today Mr. Fown was a huge jackass, man he is so damn tall, like some kind of freak, and he never wears anything but pants, even in the dead of the summer, what does he have to hide? I bet he never has sex with his wife...the jackass, hey you want to go take a dumb in his car? ok let's go.
by unknown solja January 07, 2004

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