9 definitions by unkie al

A rather lofty euphemism for "dingleberries"; small bits of toilet paper that hang on for dear life after a bathroom trip. Useful when "dingleberry" comes across as too juvenile, or when female company finds the word too disgustingly vivid.

Name is derived from the (mostly) white color and winged shape of the paper pieces.
(Sound effect: Ploink! Man 1 screams)
Man 2: Dude, what are you doing in the bathroom?
Man 1: Just plucking out a few asshole angels.
by Unkie Al November 10, 2007
A stoned prostitute (say it out loud).
(sung) Hi-ho, Hi-ho, its off to work we go, beeyotch...
by Unkie Al February 23, 2006

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