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The act of giving a fuck over a certain subject. From Smosh's episode "ATTENTION: FACEBOOK USERS."
-Ian: Ladies, please stop posting vague status updates that are obviously directed at one person, and yet are somehow are supposed to solicit our sympathy and giveafuckness.

-Annoying Facebook Girl's Status: "Wow thanks a LOT for that thing that you did. I'm NEVER talking to you again!!!"
-Ian: "Giveafuckness level: 0."

-Annoying Facebook Girl's Status: "Brad told me all about that thing you did at summer camp. WOW skank much?"
-Ian: "That's great that whoever you're talking about did something at some place, and that this 'Brad' guy told you about it, but honestly, no one on your friends list gives a fuck!"
by unicornsalad March 03, 2012

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