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1. The extra skin that covers a man's dick when he is uncircumcised.

2. The name for someone so awful that they are unworthy of being called a dick; someone less than a dick.
1. When I unzipped Nate's pants, I was so concerned when I felt his dickjacket!

2. Get the hell out of my way, dickjacket.
by unicornhorn October 12, 2009
A punch you deliver to a third party on behalf of a friend or significant other who is either unwilling or unable to deliver swift, five-knuckled justice. Also known as dutch knuckles.
When Johnny called Sheena a liar, Casey dutch punched him because Sheena was too angry to speak.
by unicornhorn July 13, 2010
Like a barista who makes coffee, a bagelista is someone who makes and assembles bagels and bagel sandwiches in any sort of bagel or baked goods shop.
Ooh, I hope the cute bagelista makes my sesame and strawberry cream cheese bagel.
by unicornhorn May 15, 2010
the popular and delicious blend of vitamin water and vodka
Pat mixed his XXX vodka with Acai Berry vodka...it was delicious vitamin vodka!
by unicornhorn November 11, 2010
A punch thrown on behalf of a friend or significant other when they are either unwilling or unable to deliver the punch themselves. Also known as a dutch punch.
After Clair spit on me, I threw some dutch knuckles her way.
by unicornhorn July 13, 2010

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