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A deprival or lessening of willful movement in the entire
body; caused by the mind becoming so infuriated that it
must disconnect itself from the rest of the individual in
order to prevent an instance of homicide, or property

Note: usually occurs in sensible people who consciously
or subconsciously don't want to go to jail.
Today my landlord changed locks to my apartment because
I was a day late on the rent. When I called to tell him
he couldn't kick me out because my stuff was still
inside he said, "tough shit", and hung up. I was so pissed
I couldn't move (rage paralysis).
by uneven_floor May 21, 2008
or curry-quire (see-kwahyuhr, skwahyuhr, or
1. a group of 25 analogous pieces of paper left in a
college library printer by a South Asian person after
a c-ream; rare.
2. the act of leaving a c-quire in a printer.
1. That's nice, that Pakistani guy left me a c-quire,
just enough to print half my thesis. Cool beans.
2. I hope you printed back and front, 'cause you just got
by uneven_floor May 18, 2008
or curry-ream (see-reem, kreem, or kuhr-ee-reem)
1. a non-standard amount of paper, composed of 500 or more
sheets, printed out in college libraries by people of
South Asian descent. This occurance takes place as a
result of the offender being unwilling or unable to
throw down $50 for a textbook. Instead, the perpetrator
will proceed to illegally download the composition from
an offshore internet site. This is always at college
libraries so that the download cannot be traced to a
personal IP address.
2. the act of printing out a c-ream; especially when it
results in a c-quire, leaving the rest of the student
body up shit creek.

note: professional c-reamers will always strike in packs,
and when the library is most crowded; so called,
"c-reaming'no grease". C-reaming is a misdemeanor
offense in 49/50 United States, excluding
Connecticut, where the act is most prevalent.
1. I just came to the library to print up a ten page study
guide, but this Indian girl has been tying up both
printers with her c-reams for 20 minutes. Look around,
everyone's pissed.
2. (some Indian guy fucking some poor college guy
bareback from behind) Ah-ha! *THRUST* c *GRUNT* reamed
*THRUST,THRUST* you *GRUNT* American *THRUST* whore!
by uneven_floor May 18, 2008

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