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Firstly i dnt know karris but she doesnt seem like a hoe! ok so she walks about skool likes shes a bit nice but look at cerise! o and another example rahama- listen just coz ur big in size doesnt mean ur a big woman remember ur still in yr 9 have u even hit puberty yet? hmmm...who ever wrote that thing about weave in poundland how do u knw thry sell weave in poundland-obviously ure a regular customer of theirs, maybe thats where u get your weave from. i dnt know whats wrong wit chiks in yr 9 ut u luv to act like ur bigger gals. dnt fast urself 2 grow. n e way karris 4rm wot im hearin ur a bad singer and dancer all i can say is hold ur head up and and continue to progress in life coz like buju sed its time for gettin PAYED not PLAYED. Leave them haters behind coz they will fail in life!
From wot ive heard bad singer and dancer, keep it up!
by undercover chick October 08, 2003
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