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a tea party at cafe after everyone has had a night of heavy drinking
zombie jesse- aaaarrrgggg... the beer

zombie harry- drink... coffe... feel... better...

zombie baxter- my coffe tastes like beer... this defintly is a zombie tea party
by undead hybusa December 17, 2007
a game type on halo 3 where you kill yourself to get points and lose points for killing other people it has proven popular among emos.
jesse- i played this funny game type on halo called emo slayer and told this guy he was a emo n00b fag.

jamie- so thats who said that mean thing to me, im going to play more emo slayer to feel better.
by undead hybusa December 17, 2007
a person who fucks with you gaming experince by having the most shit internet speed
undead hybusa- whos the lagfag lagging out the game

lagwagon- my internet is just runnig a bit slow at the moment

undead hybusa- FUCK YOU. with the amount of lag going on i think your on fucking dail up

by undead hybusa December 17, 2007

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