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a skater girl is a girl that hangs with skater guys but dosent skateboard herself too often. she dresses skater with her DC, Etnies, or Converse and wears Element tees and jackets. some skater girls dont have the best manners either...like they have farting or burping contests with the guys. most guys consider her the friend not too much the girlfriend. there are some girls that try to act skater like they hang with the guys but dont like to get dirty because they might break a nail...and to all the girls like that....F OFF!
Rebecca is so skater but is too uncordinated to skateboard she can barely walk down stairs without falling...wow!

''Can you belive that..she just burped and was proud of it..gosh nasty skater girl.''

''Im so skater...let me try to ride that...OMG! i broke my nail..i dont like being skater anymore''
by uncordinatedsk8r girl September 24, 2005

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