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The musclecar of choice seen in great numbers in Warwick, Rhode Island in the 1980's. The '85-'86 models were in high demand. Now still occasionally seen crusing Bald Hill Road and the Rhode Island & Warwick Mall parking lots...ahhh, the good old 80''s-!!
Dianna DiRoma's '85 IROC is totally bitchin'
by unclematty November 02, 2004
The zip code for Warwick, Rhode Island. Home of Big Hair, IROC Camaros and some of the hottest Italian girls you've ever seen!
Hey! Look at that babe! I'll bet she's 02886! I mean come on, she's got the big hair, the big earrings and she just got out of that IROC! She's as 02886 as Del's and coffee milk!
by unclematty November 02, 2004
A Connecticut-based upscale department store chain that is now out of business. They used to have awesome Christmas displays. Was the nicest part of the Rhode Island Mall (formerly the Midland Mall for you ro-dyelanders who rememba)
Dianna and Lisa went shoppin' at G-Fox's in the Rhode Island Mall.
by unclematty November 02, 2004
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