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A sudden epic perception or insight of something, usually broad and crucial, while under the influences of marijuana.
Person 1: Whoa..
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I just had this epiffany.. The chicken came before the egg...
Person 2: You've been smoking too much of that piff man.
by uncle k October 10, 2006
An asian who thinks, dresses, and talks like a black gangster that smokes menthol cigarettes.
"Yo check out Gary Wang over there, fuckin chiggerette is hittin a menthol"
by uncle k February 11, 2006
Being so tough that you would get away with wearing a cowboy hat at any time and any place. You'd also pick cigarette butts off grimey streets and smoke them.
Guy 1: "Did you just pick that butt up off the ground?"
Guy 2: "Dude sometimes you gotta be texas tough"
by uncle k October 07, 2006
A finnish gangster who thinks, talks, and dresses like a chiggerette, who smokes menthol ciggarette.
"Yo look at Kjartan Sveinsson over there, fuckin fingerette is smokin' a menthol!!"
by uncle k February 11, 2006

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