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the sweetest mp3 ( but not limited to mp3 files)player in the world people often say that apple is trying to take over the world...there dumbasses theyre just jealous becuase they dont have one and what about the people that bitch about them breaking yes they can break but ive seen people using their ipods they treat them like shit dropping them shaking them hard drives have moving parts the read and write heads and the like and platters be careful not to drop it especially whilst its reading a song or just running in general you can listen to it spin up and run if you put it up to your ear......yeah so dont be a haterrr yo
ignant hippie: yo mannnnn those people at apple are trying to like take over the world like wal mart and microsoft mann monopolies.. big corporations noot cooool man

douche bag who had an ipod but treated it like shit and it broke and now hes pissed at apple: heyy fuckasss thos ipods suck i had one and it broke what a piece of shit they have poor quality even though they come with a prestine mirror like finish front and back and are sturdy i hate them to try to seem conputer saavy saying the itunes interface and inner workings suck but i havent even tried to write a single program let alone a program as sophisticated as itunes
by ummmm tyler March 17, 2006

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