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A seductive temptress that likes to flaunt her breast and accuse people of starring at them! Very friendly and outgoing, but be careful because she has a venoumous bite when she is wronged! Extremely high maintenance, so much so that she can be quite the clever clepto. Watch your men girls, rulers are not the only things a Joumana may want!!! Very few men could compete for her, if they dare!! Joumana's are commonly referred to by her friends as sassy, seductive, flavorful, wild, drama, vivacious, and "The Instigator". Joumanas think very highly of themselves and may refer to themselves as sensitive, wonderful, and gorgeous, but we know the truth.
1st guy: "That girl is hot and tasty".
2nd guy: "Oh yeah, she is one fine Joumana"
by umich June 19, 2008
Means to be really cold (think day when there is snow and ice and you are outside for a while). So cold that you are shivering a little. Maybe you are shivering a little more than a little bit. It is not freezing, but you sure are very cold. You are not just a little cold - you are froschyating.
Man, I can't wait until my train comes. I am beyond cold right now. I hope there is heat on that train. I am really froschyating.
by Umich August 15, 2014

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