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In the course of a great BJ, the male applies a small trace of sri racha (or other spice) on his dick while she sucks... and then blows a spicy shotgun.
Jesse: So how drunk was this bitch?
Joe: Well... lets just say she had no idea about my upcoming spicy shotgun!!
Jesse: OMFG!
by umbels March 03, 2009
In hindsight, a better term for a great pussy.
Me: dude... guess what i caught last night?
Jordan: please not an STD
Me: haha no you jackass, i caught Sarah's golden snitch. took me about 45 minutes. then teh game was over.
by umbels February 04, 2010
Whilst having sexual intercourse with a woman, either before or after ejaculation.. The male must defecate on her garments. Preferably the chest area. As to get a blasphemous extra-pleasure.
Joe: Isn't your new girlfriend mormon man? how does that work out?
Crackie: Oh.. how does it work out?? Well, let's just say the Hot Brigham I gave her last night worked out exquisitely!
Joe: Choice!!!
by umbels March 04, 2009
The delicate art of getting very blazed and stuffed.
joe: come on nagwagger, take a shot with me!
jesse: duuuuudee.. im so bluffed up right now. i can't
joe: poony.
by umbels May 10, 2009
When you get hella blazed before you fuck.
Taiqueesha: shiiit, dave i dont wanna fuck you sober again. you never last.
Dave:oh come on babe... lets danky spanky
by umbels November 06, 2008
When any member of your party gets very very intoxicated. often leading to rants about animal rights and how the music scene used to be back in "his day" usually turns out to be the Pubby (see 2nd definition) of the group.
Me: duuuude... last night i got so pubbed out.
Trav: Really?? was it bad?
Me: lets just say all those assholes at the party wish they never met me.
by umbels February 03, 2010
Yet another wonderful form of getting off without actually stickin your basilisk in her chamber of secrets. Most Lobe Jobs are performed on very scene bitches, and now guys! who have progressed from being just "emo" to "br00tal"

You stick yer dick in their fashionably worthless stretched ear lobe. Don't forget to lube that lobe, and for fun, jazz your finished product in their ear.
Jordan: dude... you know chelsea grin?
Me: yeah.. that retarded scene bitch?
Jordan: haha right... well last night i gave her a lobe job she'll never forget
Me: NICE! put that scene bitch in her place!
by umbels February 08, 2010

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