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He Who Shall NOT be named
We lost the R&R because of Phillip Sattler!
by Um October 31, 2004
south african male with tiny testicals
yoo your zuhair is tinyyyyy i cant even see it!

im gonna kick you in the zuhair
by um September 23, 2004
ill have to agree with casey the great, god i lived there 16 years and liked it at the time but now i absolutly hate it. full of swamps and trailors, equal number of hot chicks as rednecks- works out alright, many confederate flags- go up north or out west and you wont see one so dont say seeing 10 or so a day is not rascist, the beaches suck, citys are all right, summers are brutal, winters are decent, people seem nice until you date their daughter, lots of trash talk about yankees and liberals- now from 4 years of livin up north ive found they dont give a shit about us and what we think but we seem to bash on them for dumb reasons- dont make sense but oh well. 14 to ride a motor-cycle, 15 for a car. over all decent state.
aaa lll aaa bbb aaaa mmm aaa
by UM February 28, 2005
I look at that Nu, thinking hes all that and a bag of chip BUT HE AINT GURLFIREND UH HUH TISH TISH CLI CLI
by um May 22, 2003
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