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a cigar hollowed out with cannabis, the greatest thing youll smoke in your life
pass the blunt b
nah, nigga i aint done, my shits kirk
#joint #dutch #cannabis #weed #nigga
by ulto bane June 15, 2007
the kick ass system since n64, that people dog because they are to fuckin lazy to go to the stores and get a 600 piece of heaven, so they get a 360 which makes them 2000 bucks or they get a fukin wii cuz its cheap as shit, then they realize they should have gotten a ps3 because it has the best exclusives, and doesnt fuk up on all levels like 360, and doesnt support lil kid games like wii, so they die a very painful death, while true gamers get a ps3 and have the time of their fukin life
i got a 360 and halo 3 and the xbox blew up and fuked up my cd
told you to get the playstation 3
#awesome #ownage #righteous #joint #crack
by ulto bane June 15, 2007
Wii=total bullshit, the system sells fast cuz its cheap as shit, doesnt rise to the supremecy of PS3
wii kicks ps3's ass
this is a statement from a myspace whore
#dick #suck #penis #balls #mule
by ulto bane June 16, 2007
Anykind of supremecy group or fan that is a loser who feels bad about themselves so they hate on others. like 360 and wii fanboys hatin on ps3 because its cooler than them on all levels
im a nazi and i have 360 and wii
so you are a gay noob
#gay #fucker #nazi #bitch #nesley
by ulto bane June 16, 2007
the ultimate system in which real gamers by and 360 and wii fanboys dog because they know ps3 will sell more consoles very soon because its obviously the best console of all
i got a wii and 360 they rock ps3's balls

do they (pulls out a list of all teh amazing games and features it can do)

(person with no ps3 dies a painful death for being and dumass)
#supreme #great #fucker #noob #sad
by ulto bane June 16, 2007
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