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After a night of heavy drinking and questionable behaviour, one awakes in the morning to a deadly hangover. That person then proceeds to sloppily act like a stand up comedian for the amusement of their hungover friends.
Fuck, Sam must be really hungover, hes pulling an Eddie Murphy!
by uknowulikeit May 01, 2010
This is a sexuall act in which an obese man lays on top of a woman without holding himself up allowing all of his body weight to smother her, he then proceeds to fuck her while she fights for air. To complete the walrus you must make the necessary grunting noises similar to a walrus. Please note when finished you should check for signs of life.

Optional: This can also be done during anal, known as the reverse walrus, clapping like a walrus is also acceptable
"Did you hear what happened to Pam? She got the tim walrus and died of asphyxiation"
by uknowulikeit April 27, 2010
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