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3 definitions by uknowhoiam

Randy Johnson
the greatest strikeout pitcher of all time. 4,000 plus SO, threw a perfect game in may 2004.
by uknowhoiam July 02, 2004
the preppiest, worstest, rich ass school "like" everrrr. You can find a bunch of white ppl who think they are ghetto fab even tho they're all preppy or punky. You can also find many emo children in this area, and i won't make any comments about every body else.
PS this town sucks
IF you want to go on vacation to a city w/ a bunch of white ppl, preps, punks, and cutters galore Montgomery, NJ is the place for you.
by uknowhoiam April 25, 2005
The most annoying kid in the world. He is an absolute wigga. He wears white clothes but talks black. I hope he moves to upstate NY soon
Will Koch, shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!
by uknowhoiam July 02, 2004