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2 definitions by uklander

1. "Huckabee", the name of a current events political commentary show on the Fox News television network, hosted by former governor and political figure Mike Huckabee.
2. A surname with origin as a place-name, a hamlet in southwestern England called Huccaby, that still exists. Huckabee is considered an alternate, Americanized spelling. Other spellings of Huccaby include Huckaby, Huckabay, Huckerby.
3. "Huckabees", a fictional department store from the 2004 movie "I ♥ Huckabees".
1. I'm watching Huckabee tonight, there's a musical guest I want to see.
2. His last name is Huckabee. Yes, he is American. In England, it is spelled Huccaby.
by uklander August 30, 2013
1. A hamlet on the West Dart in southwestern England, containing a church with an unusual dedication to St Raphael.
2. Referring to the "Huccaby Courting", a legend involving an attractive maid at the same-named farmhouse.
3. A farm, farmhouse, or stone bridge near the village of Hexworthy, UK.
4. A surname.
1. The Huccaby Courting is a strange legend involving love of a maid and dancing pixies.
2. That guy's last name is Huckabee, which is the Americanized spelling of Huccaby.
by uklander August 30, 2013