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Arguably, the best venue in the world. Located in Morrison, Colorado It’s a natural outdoor amphitheater surrounded by large red rocks (hence the name). And behind the stage (if you’re far enough back) you get to enjoy a view of the city of Denver and all the surrounding towns. Enjoyed by the public for over a century, graced by the presence of artists such as The Beatles, Jethro Tull, U2 (who’s performance here was one of Rolling Stone’s 50 moments that changed rock n’ roll history), The Greatful Dead, and many other super-awesome people. Lots of famous folks like to use footage from their performances here for DVDs and what-not, because it really is just that great. In the summer you can catch screenings of movies and enjoy seven dollars beers which is why pre-show parking lot madness is always expected/enjoyed. There’s plenty of space and room to dance, not really that great if you’re sitting but you shouldn’t be sitting anyway loser. Probably the only place in Colorado you won’t get kicked out for smoking a cig and pot-smoking is expected (there’s even weed ice cream sometimes). Any and every show you attend will definitely be the best ever and you’ll be looking for the next excuse to go.
__insert name here____ at Red Rocks blew my fucking mind last night!!
by uhlissahh July 07, 2008

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