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5 definitions by uh1989

An insult coined by Louis "Red" Deutsch in the tube bar prank calls in the 1970's.
"You yellow rat bastard, you sunnavabitch, I'm gonna put a bullet in ya."
by uh1989 June 04, 2009
a string of small firecrackers tied together and set to go off in sequence when the fuse is lit.
Jimmy got fined for setting off penny crackers in the parking lot.
by uh1989 June 04, 2009
A dessert sandwhich similar to oatmeal cream pies, but with more cake like cookies on the outside. Common around the Lancaster, Pennslyvania area.
Theres nothing better than a woopie pie and a glass of milk.
by uh1989 June 04, 2009
A combinaton of the phrase "Son of a Bitch." Most commonly used in the New York, New Jersy area.
Your a sunnavabitch you know that.
by uh1989 June 04, 2009
Someone's (usualy a male's) exposed butt.
Tony showed his Virgina baked ham to the cops.
by uh1989 June 04, 2009