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A place where A&F people breed kids to become obssed w/ abercrombie and soon get them into Hollister. Same price as Hollister and the store smells amazing.
Gurl 1 Omgz! I like luv aba-crom-by HaHaHa LoLz!
Gurl 2 You're one of them aren't you?
Gurl 1 LIke oh ma gawds! wat is UR pro-blem?? GaWd!!!
Gurk 2 Abercrombie Zombie
Gurl 1 WaT-eVeS! Im gonna Go shopp-ang w ithout chu! B i t c h! UGH!
Gurl 2 typical abercrombie kids shopper!
by uh....PERSON?? April 28, 2008

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