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A common tv formula in which an actor will play his well-known and beloved character AND that character's identical yet opposite evil twin through trick camera shots and the like. But so we don't get confused, the actor will have a goatee when playing the evil twin.
Spock's evil twin looks like a reject fratboy douche with that goatee.
by uh da cheat October 28, 2004
1. Word used to describe the noise made by the specific type of fart that seems to come out by surprise or accident, like when bending over.
2. Word used to describe the noise made by one's mouth that sounds just like the above type of fart, usually made when someone is bending over, or to express surprise/peculiarity or even disgust/frustration at something.
When our Spanish teacher bent over to pick up his pen, I made the vort sound with my mouth, and everyone laughed at him, and he cried because he had really farted by accident and it was wet.

Someone was being a little camping bitch and spawn raping while we were playing Halo and I just had to let out a vort in frustration.
by uh da cheat October 28, 2004
1. Something a girl possesses that is strongly desired by others, esp. Strong Bad
2. A Number One Hit Single by Strong Bad
"Girl, gimme those grumble cakes!"
- "Grumble Cakes" by Strong Bad
by uh da cheat October 28, 2004
A prank usually played on a sleeping individual. The giver of a poostache takes a finger to his own buttcrack until said finger is ripe with stink. Giver then rubs finger across upper lip of receipient. Also know as a stinky sanchez.
Mikey gave Nate a poostache while he was a'sleeping.
by uh da cheat October 28, 2004
The act in which a pantsless male crawls around on all fours with his junk tucked between his legs and protruding out the other side in imitation of a non-neutered dog. Usually used for comedic purposes.
I really wish I hadn't ever seen you doing the cocker spaniel.
by uh da cheat October 28, 2004

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