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4 definitions by ugunnapingmi

slang; pron - gah mohn
defines a false product,saying,act
mate thats a gammon car
you are gammomn (in answer to an incredulous statement)
thats gammon dude (observation of your work derogertory)
by ugunnapingmi June 14, 2003
the bulging profile of a lycra clad male weight lifter appearing immediately below the belt.
also identified in Australian fast bowlers (cricket) as they race to the crease facing a stiff breeze.
take 1 banana and two passionfruit.
place them on a flat surface and cover with clingwrap.
with imagination and some rearranging you should have something resembling a crutch-pak !
by ugunnapingmi June 21, 2003
common description for the anal retentive types.
that group has a swag of arsebugs in it
by ugunnapingmi June 14, 2003
Australian (Sydney) slang to replace 'name' in a disconnected reference to the person
thats a cool moniker you got there Bronson
by ugunnapingmi March 29, 2003