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A term to categorise a person who likes hard rock/metal music. Wears Baggy trousers/jeans and a shirt emblazened with a band's name or logo. Generally hated by chavs for no apparant reason. Some greebo's may like some rap or hip-hop music, but usually a minority. They DO NOT hug trees (that's hippies). Contarst to belief, many do not self-harm or say they do. They are not depressed. I am a greebo, and in no way am i depressed, im a very happy person.
Chav 1 - OMFGZ itz one of dem goffiks ova der init gazza.
Chav 2 - lets go kick im in for being alive and not likin rap or any other mind numingly repetative music
Greebo - okay then *continues to walk by, minding own business*
Chav 1 - yer walk away u fukin pussy fukin goffik devil init

(Personal experience)
*4 greebos walking down a street, a chav cycles past, stares gormlessly at the 4 greebo's. the 4 stare back. Chav cycles further down the street. 5 seconds pass and the chav says "yer and wat ya fukin greebos?"

This concludes that chavs cannot stand up for themselves when alone

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