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Once a girl reaches puberty, these hormones take over and she starts to have boobs, curves, and becomes more emotional and feminine etc. These hormones also enlarge her hips and uterus. This lining builds up in the uterus and sheds itself every 28 days if she doesn't get knocked up, thus she gets her period.

People tell me, "Well we have periods because we're supposed to have babies!" But even if this were true, I read this study that a woman ovulates 400 eggs in her lifetime. Who could actually have 400 kids? Even in the old days when they had like 12 kids and they only lived to be like 60, a woman would still have more periods and pain than she would kids.

Now it's the 2000s and nobody has 12 kids anymore, some people don't even like or want kids, but we're still stuck with periods and the average age of menarche is declining due to all the calories and stress. As a result, we've suffered too much from periods: we miss school, lose blood, have cramps, waste money buying "feminine hygiene" products, and basically go through a lot more than the guys do.
Periods are flawed.
They were always flawed, even in the ancient days.
Too much blood loss and waste.
by ugh seriously? April 11, 2007
What comes after elementary school and before high school. Middle schools are usually grades six to eight but some are just grades seven and eight.

Everybody is going through puberty and there's a lot of drama. It's boring and all the kids are stuck there and the teachers can boss you around and the kids can do stupid shit because middle school kids aren't "little kids" anymore, yet they're still not old enough to be mature high school students.

NOTE: Middle schools mostly don't exist in the European countries and Australia. However, these kids are dumped right into a high school (which is grades seven through twelve) right after they get out of elementary school.
Middle school sucks ass.
by ugh seriously? March 31, 2007
Exaggerist, you are wrong. Guys actually like girls who are confident about themselves and aren't anorexic. I know plenty of guys who think that thin girls are ugly because thin girls have no curves or confidence.

P.S. Yes I'm a girl.
All these girls with eating disorders think that being thin is the thing to go. They think it's what guys want. But guys actually don't like thin girl because they look ugly and sick.
by ugh seriously? April 09, 2007
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