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a person who having been served their coffee goes over to the counter to add sugar, milk, cream whatever and takes forE-V-E-R to get his/her mix just right, and in the process is oblivious to the line up of people behind whose coffee isn't getting any warmer. In a word: moron!
Look at that Coffee Drip holding up all those people.
by UG May 22, 2004
Result of the ultimate fusion of two human beings.
Toi&Moi then becomes the third person of the relation, giving both protagonists the exhilarating feeling that they've reached a state no one even doubt it can exist.
(sometimes badly translated as You&Me)
Now that I am part of Toi&Moi, I'll never do without it, because Toi&Moi is now also a part of me.
by ug January 16, 2004

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