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2 definitions by ucvgabe

Often confused with a black person which is totally different a very common species of monkey often seen in rough areas with sagging pants. Commonly seen wearing either mostly red or blue, or wearing a black or white T-Shirt with saggy blue jeans. Often are armed with a gun strapped and have no form of education. These creatures often bathe in sinks and can be found around shitty apartment complexes for low income families housing projects. Many kids in middle/upper class neighborhoods can be seen imitating this species known as wiggers and swagfags
Person 1: "Hey, did you drive through Camden earlier?"
Person 2: "Yes I did!"
Person 1: "Where's your car then?"
Person 2: "Some nigger stole it."
by ucvgabe November 02, 2012
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A high school prank in which someone walks behind someone else and secretly straps their backpack's zippers with a zip-tie. People also zip-tie others by strapping someone else's backpacks to a desk or table or zip-tieing someone else's locker.
Person 1: "Yo dude could I borrow some scissors?"
Person 2: "Why?"
Person 1: "Someone zip-tied me on my way here."
Person 2: "HA"
by ucvgabe October 20, 2011
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