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the act of jogging while smoking.
nick- i saw someone smogging the other day and oddly my first thought was i want to try that.
by ucsmut February 23, 2010
the act of "muffing" (can be normal or pertain to a sexual act or her being a SMUT) it that is partook by a slutty (and or drunk) girl.
nick- "i saw you talking to that girl last night at the bar. how many hours did it take her to pronounce her first full sentence of the night? did you give her your cash and prizes by the end of the night?"

travis-"yea but she thought it was a good idea to try and blow me while she was taking off her panties. she got them stuck around her ankles fell forward, gagged on my cock vomited on the hardwood floor and slipped hit her head and didnt get up. she was there when i left this morning too i hope she isnt there when i get home."

Nick- "man she smuffed it so hard she may never recover hahaha"
by ucsmut February 22, 2010

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