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An out fit slash suit.
Look at that guys brightly colored outsuit
by Uber May 08, 2003
More uber then uber.
Gegdiyen is superuber in his dwarven ringmail tunic.
by uber August 14, 2003
Iemand die niet weer wat "albino" betekent.
17:02 - Slay|busy .. dunno what albino is.
by Uber January 08, 2003
A hot girl. Comes from seeing a hot chick and saying "yeah hi!" to announce her presence.
Dave saw a yeah hi on campus this afternoon.
by uber October 31, 2004
The word that means everything and yet nothing at all. It means the best that could happen or the worst. It is all how you use it.
That was FREAKIN CALIGULAN. or damn that caligulan fool.
by Uber April 17, 2003
A group of dudes.
Look at thoose Sams.
by Uber April 28, 2003
A group of the coolest people that the planet earth has ever seen. They can jive their way out of anything. They are like no others all individuals. No one in their right mind would mess with these guys.
by Uber April 28, 2003

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