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mafation means mafia but in the term that it is a nation but a mafia at the same time. Also a secretive nation such as in the terms of war, politics, etc. but not in the US government way though.
"Kenya isnt much of a mafation but is definetly violent."
"I think North Korea couldnt be considered a mafation because it is not secretive enough."
by ub3r1337 July 15, 2006
To go berserk; kill everything around you; pronounced keel-ee-moe-zay-a
"Did you hear about 9/11? They went kilimozaha!"
by ub3r1337 July 15, 2006
Means 'the best of the best' in leet. Pronounced Uber Leet.
"Look at her! Shes a nice stripper! I say shes the ub3r1337!"
by ub3r1337 July 15, 2006
A very sharp object which can kill. Can be used for going kilimozaha.
"Did you see that dude throw the dart? It went all the way across the football field! Good thing it didnt start anyone kilimozaha.
by ub3r1337 July 16, 2006
It means back ho! Such as ho as in prosittute, slut etc. and back as in if you dont know your a dumb ass motherfucker
A pimp just found out one of his hos had a penis so he walked away and yelled, "Backho!" But he couldnt use bh. No sense.
by ub3r1337 July 15, 2006
mother i'd like to

"In america it is MILF and in england it is MILT because the english think 'fuck' is offensive."
by ub3r1337 July 16, 2006
Stands for Scam i'd like to forget.
"I hate that 9-year old who told me he was a midget! I had sex with a minor! That is one hell of a silf!"
by ub3r1337 July 16, 2006
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