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This idiom simply means to harbour a grudge. It comes from the nineteenth century US practise of spoiling for a fight by carrying a chip of wood on one's shoulder, daring others to knock it off.
"Chip on my shoulder"--By: 50cent
Albulm---Get rich or die tryin'
Song tittle---Many men
by Unique April 08, 2004
to descibe someone that is REALLY ugly or looks bad at the time. a mugshot is the name of a photo cops take of criminals after they've been cought. and criminals don't usually look good after they've been beat down by a bunch of good for nothing cops
holay... that guy is so mugshot
by unique August 09, 2004
A sexy girl. Loves to party, but knows her limits.
Look at Aymen, she's getting her groove on!
by uNiQuE April 01, 2004
this word from blue coller meaning "you don't"
mom: i do know somethin
dad: jodo know nuttin
by Unique April 15, 2005
"ootay yir box" or "his head's up his box"
by Unique January 22, 2004
University of Science and Careers
USC is already ranked sixth, but ucla 17th.
by unique April 02, 2004

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