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spanish term for girlfriend, homegirl, or wifey
by uH hUh September 01, 2003
A great form of bubble gum that is hard to find these days because some lobbyist somewhere thought that it actually encouraged children to chew tobacco.

The makers are geniuses-- they actually found a way to make something more addictive than nicotine. Thank god you don't get cancer just cavities.
I chewed for four years and quit, but I can't kick the damn big league chew.
by uh huh December 05, 2004
A sandie is when your are having sex on the beach and your vajay jay gets sandy-Klassen
Jello and I were having a romantic night out on the beach, she left with a sandie
#sandie #sandy #the sandy clam #spring break sandy #summer sandy
by Uh huh September 13, 2013
i am phrantic
by uh huh July 22, 2003
Garage-made opium that tastes just like its name and does little else.
That soapium would be more useful if the pledges cleaned the frat house with it.
by uh huh June 08, 2003
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