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the best NBA playa to eva live. Can make any defender feel like shit. Even made Shaq run away to play for the shitty miami heat and dwayne wade.
Damn that kids so good, he's gonna be the next Kobe.
by u noe who i am January 09, 2005
really fat, obnoxious, wanna be buff guy. A.K.A 10 billion. Do not anger, or else it will sit on you and then eat you. When teamed up with Pooja can destroy the whole world.
Stupid Priya got Sunny and Pooja mad, Run!!!!!
by u noe who i am January 09, 2005
A herd of elephants. A.K.A six billion. Do not wear the color red when around pooja.
Holy shit, I'm wearing red, Pooja's gonna stampede mah ass.RuN!!!!!
by u noe who i am January 08, 2005
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