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1 definition by tzustratagy

A car that outperforms 90% of ricers on the street.
the SRT-4 also has a faster 1/4 mile time that a z28 Camaro. With the Mopar stage 3 kit, you have a 300hp 300 pound/ft. car with the a weight of 2566 pounds. If that isn't an amazing power to weight ratio, i dont know what is.
Ricer: LoL dAwG yOu DrIvEiNg TeH nEoN lOl AmErIcUn PiEcE oF sHiT!!! kikikikiki!!!

SRT-4 Driver: Dude, you drive a freakin' civic with a park bench on the back. And you run 18's!!

Ricer: BuT mY cIviC hAs TeH NaWzZZZ!!!! kikikiki!!!

Oh, and Camaro drivers...Please cut your mullets. Thank you.
by tzustratagy July 16, 2004
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