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2 definitions by tzenrick

Shit, fecal matter, poop
That brown stuff in the toilet.
"Damn! someone's brownware just stank up the building!"

"Hey, what you doin' in there?" -- "Downloading brownware!"

"Dude?!? There's brownware all over your yard!"


Rapid Brownware -- Quick Shit
Random Brownware -- Lumpy Diarrhea
Wild Brownware -- Yard Poop
by tzenrick October 29, 2006
1. Being irritated or easily irritable.
2. Sand in the pussy.
3. "Sandy Cooch" or "Sandy Crotch"

Applies to males and females equally.
"Dude, WTF is Rob's problem?"
"His girl wrecked his car, now he has vaginal granulitis."

"Hey, I noticed Rob is over his vaginal granulitis."
"Yeah, Jane got the car fixed for him and it was like vagisil... Instant relief"
by tzenrick May 31, 2009