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NEP-man. A capitalist pig, slacker, and over all scoundrel. This term was used to describe the entrepreneurs who profited from the new economic policy (NEP) that was introduced after the Russian civil war. Since the NEP was seen as contrary to the revolution, being called a nepman (or woman) was a grievous insult in Bolshevik Russia.
Don’t associate with him! He’s a greedy, good for nothing nepman!
by tzanth April 07, 2005
Russian bastardization of “bourgeoisie.” Used by revolutionaries to describe pretty much anyone who had a little bit of money and was against communism. Was a very common insult in Bolshevik Russia.
Death to the Brushui!
by tzanth April 08, 2005
Acronym for “new economic policy.” Introduced by Lenin in 1921 as an attempt to save an economy ravaged by the civil war. The NEP was a form of “capitalism light” in which the government maintained control over large industries, but private wages and trading on a small scale were allowed. In many ways the NEP was an insult to the communistic ideals of the revolution and was extremely controversial.
The NEP increased the russian GDP between 1921 and 1928.
by tzanth April 07, 2005

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