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Thee most beautiful girl you will ever lay eyes on. One who is genuine, caring, and loving. She will always want you to be happy. Whose eyes sparkle brighter than the North Star, whose hair falls perfectly without effort, whose smile could light up all of Los Angeles, Palmdale, and Lancaster. Whose luscious lips you could kiss all day long. Who has the body of a goddess. But her personality also supplements to her overall beauty. She is quite possibly the best girl you will ever meet. The most amazing. The most epic. You won't meet anyone better, even though you'll have some difficulty, it will pay off. She will make you the happiest you've been in a..well. ever.
Friend 1: dude, have you ever met Eden??
Friend 2: no, why?
Friend 1: ...you have nooo idea on what you missed out on..
by tytheguy427 July 22, 2011

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