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Upper St Clair is located in the richest part of PA. Upper St Clair is the richest and best community in all america. It is ranked number 10 on the top 10 best places to live in 2009.


Not to mention their sexy girls, and good looking guys. upper St clair has no competition to beat because they are the best of the best. People who in in USC do not know what broke is , they think its when their private jet breaks down. they are known for their model like girls and successful school, and the stuck up ppl that dont associate with anyone who does not make a million a year.
Boy: Damn girl where you from?
Girl: Upper St Clair
Boy: You got that model look down fo sho.
Girl: I will pay you $1000 for you to stop talking to me
by tysonboi64 June 18, 2009

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